Point Brown, Eyre Peninsula

Point Brown, Eyre Peninsula

Haydo’s Family Adventure at Point Brown, South Australia – A Free Camping Experience

By Hayden Ashton



I am so excited to share our latest family escapade to the beautiful Point Brown in South Australia.



An Early Start with Little Freya


Our adventure kicked off much earlier than planned, thanks to Freya’s night-time antics that had us up at 4:30 AM. While her restlessness might have been a small challenge, it set us on an early path to explore South Australia’s first free campsite on our list. Prepping for the journey involved adapting our RV for the soft sands we’d encounter at Point Brown—lowering the tires and gearing up for a rugged start to our day.



Discovering the Natural Beauty of Point Brown


Upon arriving, we were immediately taken aback by the stunning vistas that greeted us. Point Brown presented us with its majestic coastal views, featuring dramatic cliffs and vibrant turquoise waters. It’s an accessible spot for any camper, whether you’re pulling a trailer, driving a 4WD, or cautiously navigating in a two-wheel drive along the dirt trails. The area offers ample opportunities for families to explore, swim, and simply enjoy the tranquillity of nature.



Memorable Wildlife and Local Cuisine


One of the most unforgettable experiences was seeing a pod of dolphins playfully interacting with local surfers right off the coast. For early risers like us—thanks again to little Freya—you might even get a chance to swim close to these friendly marine creatures.


A brief drive from our campsite led us to Smoky Bay, where we delighted in the freshest oysters, a perfect treat after a morning of adventure. Smoky Bay, with its charming fishing village vibe, offered a peaceful retreat and a taste of the local seafood that was nothing short of spectacular.



Overcoming Challenges and Enjoying Quiet Moments


Our adventure wasn’t without its hurdles; a near mishap with our vehicle in the soft sand tested our resolve. However, with the help of some locals and a bit of quick thinking, we managed to keep our spirits and our tow vehicle intact. This experience was a poignant reminder of the surprises that await when exploring new landscapes, especially with a young family.



Wrapping Up a Wonderful Visit


Point Brown has deeply impressed us with its natural splendour, friendly wildlife, and the warmth of the local communities. It’s a fantastic destination for families looking to create lasting memories in the great outdoors.


For all the parents out there, thinking of venturing into camping with little ones, Point Brown offers a serene and beautiful start. Just remember to prepare for the unexpected and to soak in every moment—even those sleepless nights that lead to unforgettable sunrises.


This journey to Point Brown was not just a camping trip; it was a family bonding adventure, and every moment—challenges included—was precious. Stay tuned to Adelaide RV for more stories and insights from the road!