Moonta Bay Holiday Park – Yorke Peninsula

Moonta Bay Holiday Park – Yorke Peninsula

Haydo and Freya’s Seaside Escapades at Moonta Bay Holiday Park

By Hayden Ashton


As much as I cherish the solitude of free camping and the adventure of going off-grid, sometimes the allure of a caravan park, especially one that’s as family-friendly as Moonta Bay, is too good to pass up. It’s just the ticket for keeping my curious little Freya happily out of trouble.



We’re currently soaking up the coastal charm of Moonta Bay Caravan Park, nestled in the Copper Coast Triangle of the Yorke Peninsula. Just 164 kilometres from Adelaide, this beachfront paradise is our latest home away from home.



Here’s the scoop: for about 43 bucks a night, you’re smack dab on prime beachfront land. And with 188 meters of beach just steps from our caravan, Freya’s sandcastle dreams are limitless. But it’s not just the gorgeous beachfront sites that catch your eye; the protected spots nearer to reception are perfect when the breeze picks up, offering shelter and a communal vibe that’s just as stunning.


Moonta Bay isn’t just a park; it’s a playground of the best kind. Freya can’t get enough of the jumping pillow and the playground. We’ve rented carts and bikes, pedaling our way around, laughing all the while. She’s also becoming quite the strategist at giant chess. And when we need to cool off, we dash to the epic water park right on the edge of the park—trust me, it’s just as much fun for the adults.



This place has it all without even leaving the grounds. But if you do wander, you’re treated to history and natural beauty with Moonta’s rich mining past and the serene, safe swimming beaches renowned for their clear blue waters and fruitful fishing.


Each day ends with a stroll on the jetty, ice cream in hand, watching the sun cast a golden glow over the water. It’s these moments that make Moonta Bay Holiday Park more than just a stopover. It’s where memories are made.


For all you adventurers in the Adelaide RV community, I couldn’t recommend Moonta Bay more. Whether you’re casting a line from the jetty, exploring the clear waters, or just soaking in the sunset, this is a place that welcomes you with open arms and leaves you richer in memories. Freya and I can’t wait to see who we might meet next time around at this slice of coastal bliss. See you at Moonta Bay, where every sunset is a story waiting to unfold.