Burners Beach, Yorke Peninsula

Burners Beach, Yorke Peninsula

Burners Beach: Discovering Paradise on the York Peninsula

By Hayden Ashton



G’day folks, I’m thrilled to bring you along to one of my all-time favourite spots—Burners Beach on the York Peninsula, South Australia. This place is a slice of paradise, and I can’t wait to show you around, introduce you to some local characters, and share my top visit spots while camping at Burners.


Upon arrival, the view is stunning—the water is just breathtaking. “That is camp, you beauty,” I often find myself saying as we set up. It’s time to unload the boat and start exploring. My partner and I are always excited to be back; Burners Beach offers an epic campground experience about 13km from Point Turton along the North Coast Road.




The drive here can be a bit rough, with unsealed, corrugated patches, but don’t let that deter you. The campsites are superbly located close to the water and sheltered by southern cliffs, making it an ideal spot despite being very popular during peak times. Remember, it’s first in, best dressed here!


While a bin bank is available, it fills up fast in the busy season, so be a good camper—take your rubbish with you or dispose of it properly in nearby towns like York on your way home. Though there is a toilet, I recommend being self-sufficient to enhance your camping experience. Need supplies? Point Turton General Store is your go-to, or stock up in Warooka en route.


Booking a spot at Burners Beach starts at $20 per night—just head to the York Peninsula website to secure your stay. Once set up, it’s all about the water activities. There’s no direct car access to the beach, but a natural boat ramp about 500 yards down lets us easily get the boat into the water.


We’re pretty confident about handling the tides here. Once the boat’s anchored, it’s ready for overnight stays unless the wind picks up—then it’s winch time. Next thing you know, we’re out on the water!


Is there anything better than boating around Australia? While we didn’t catch the elusive King George Whiting this time, we still had a great time fishing and playing with the kids. But here’s a secret tip: for a real feast, strap on your snorkel and flippers, and explore near the rock edges. You’ll find abalone, scallops, and if you’re into spearfishing, there’s excellent fish to be had.


After a fruitful dive, it’s back to camp to sort out dinner and prep for another big adventure tomorrow. Speaking of adventures, don’t miss out on Flattery’s Beach. Just a 10-minute drive from Pointe Turton and about 20 minutes from where we’re camped at Burners, it offers crystal clear, shallow waters—perfect for the kids and reminiscent of Esperance, WA. Truly a beautiful day out!


Now, as we wrap up our day at this unreal beach, it’s time to meet some of the locals at Point Turton. Stay tuned for more tales and remember, every journey brings a new adventure!


Until next time, keep exploring and embracing the beauty right in our backyard!