Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park – Fleurieu Peninsula

Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park – Fleurieu Peninsula

Alf’s Maiden Voyage to Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park

By Simon Cross

You’re not going to believe this, but we’ve just had the most extraordinary little adventure, right here in metro Adelaide at Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park. It’s not every day you get to park your home on wheels by the waterfront, a luxury usually reserved for million-dollar properties!



We were very lucky as we managed to get one of those few weekends in Adelaide when the sun is out and there isn’t a breath of wind. This meant for some stress free camping in our brand new Supreme Classic Tourer.


Here, you’re greeted by lush greenery against the blue of the sea. The park has this vibrant buzz—kids chasing each other near the playground, families laughing over mini-golf, and the aroma of barbecues drifting through the air. We set up right on J Block, with grass underfoot and the ocean’s symphony in the background.


The facilities? Spot-on. A well-stocked kiosk saved the day when we forgot bin bags. And let me tell you about the food truck ‘Oceans’. Mediterranean-inspired seafood that’s just as good as you get in those fancy eateries, except here, you’re dining in flip-flops with sandy toes.


Our two dogs Bruce and Willow took to camping like a duck to water. With the beach only 5 steps from the caravan, they spent most of the days running along the sand and swimming (only ankle deep as they are sooks) and meeting other puppies



And the boardwalk—it’s the social artery of the coast. We bumped into friends walking their pooches and exercising with their kids whilst Andie and I sat on our chairs with a drink thinking we probably should do some exercise (we didn’t)


But it’s the sense of community that really sets Brighton apart. The groundsman, offering a helping hand to newbies like us with parking the van, embodies the park’s spirit of camaraderie. This was an amazing service as both Andie and I had no idea what we were doing.


The only downside of this park is that it is still in Adelaide and it meant family and friends could pop in for a drink and say hello and we learnt that this defeats the purpose of caravanning and being able to escape (haha)



We did learn something on this trip – that is to take a photo of the amenities code so when you need the bathroom in the middle of the night you have access to it. It wasn’t much fun running back to the caravan and searching around for the code at 3am when you really needed to go.


Brighton Beachfront isn’t just a caravan park; it’s a slice of coastal bliss, a reminder of the simple joys of RV living. And it’s right here, in our own backyard. Cheers to that!