Our Brands

Our Brands

Adelaide RV is committed to stocking only "Australian-made" Caravans, Pop Tops and Camper Trailers




As passionate enthusiasts of the open road and the freedom it brings, we take pride in presenting three distinguished brands that redefine the art of caravaning: Leader Caravans, Supreme Caravans, and Goldstream RV. These brands are proudly “Australian-made” and specifically crafted to withstand our local conditions and environments.


Supreme Caravans

Live your life, live your dream, live Supreme!


Supreme Caravans has spent 30 years designing and building tough and durable caravans that are suited to any traveller. Our caravans are manufactured in Australia using premium materials – our quality and reputation are second to none.

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Leader Caravans

Leader Caravans, renowned for their durability, are crafted with premium materials and parts to endure the rugged Australian landscape. Featuring state-of-the-art appliances, luxurious fittings, and advanced battery management systems, our range of semi-off-road, and off-road caravans offer the comfort of home on the road, ensuring self-sufficient free camping in any setting. Experience compact living at its best with our base models or consult our knowledgeable team to design the perfect custom layout for your family’s adventurous lifestyle.

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Goldstream RV

Whether cruising the coast or exploring the Australian outback, you’re rewarded for choosing Goldstream RV.


With 25 years building both on and off road camper trailers, pop tops, and caravans, the unrivalled style, quality, design, and workmanship is second to none. Goldstream RV will always be there for support along the way, backed by our national dealer network and our commitment to helping you achieve your ideal lifestyle.

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