Moonlight Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Moonlight Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Moonlight Bay: A Hidden Coastal Gem on the Eyre Peninsula

By Hayden Ashton


My wife Amber, our baby girl Freya, and I recently discovered a hidden gem on our caravanning journey through the Eyre Peninsula – Moonlight Bay. Just outside Tumby Bay, this picturesque free campground is nestled between two sandy beaches, offering direct access to the pristine coastline. The enchanting views of the bay were just steps from our campsite, allowing us to soak in the tranquil surroundings from sunrise to the mesmerising moonrise.



Moonlight Bay is about a 20-minute drive south of Tumby Bay and a little over 30 minutes north of Port Lincoln. Stretching approximately 100 meters along the coast, the sites here are mostly perched right on the water’s edge, giving us breathtaking views across the bay. Many sites are equipped with small fire pits, which we used responsibly, mindful of the local guidelines and the ongoing concerns about the potential closure of the campground due to misuse and littering by some visitors.



The true allure of Moonlight Bay lies in its unspoiled nature. With no facilities on site, it was essential for us to be completely self-sustained. This added to our adventure, teaching us the importance of leaving no trace to preserve such natural treasures.



The waters of Moonlight Bay are crystal clear, making it an ideal spot for spearfishing—an activity I thoroughly enjoyed while Amber and Freya played on the shore. Each dive was an adventure, thanks to the variety of fish and the exceptional visibility that also allowed us to appreciate the vibrant marine life.



We were also happy to find that the area is pet-friendly, perfect for those who travel with their furry friends. The sight of the moon rising over the ocean was simply enthralling and made for unforgettable evenings.


For anyone exploring the Eyre Peninsula, Moonlight Bay is a must-visit. It epitomises the region’s beauty, offering a perfect blend of natural splendour and a tranquil camping experience. Our journey through the peninsula has been a series of unforgettable moments, from the pristine beaches to the secluded serenity of Moonlight Bay. Each destination left an indelible mark on our hearts, creating cherished memories and strengthening our bond with nature and each other.


The Eyre Peninsula isn’t just a place to visit; it’s a call to adventure, a call to reconnect with the wild, and a reminder of the sheer beauty of Australia. So, whether you’re a seasoned camper or just starting out, let the Eyre Peninsula be your playground. Are you Adventure Ready?