Perlubie Beach – Eyre Peninsula

Perlubie Beach – Eyre Peninsula

Perlubie Beach: The Ultimate Family Getaway on the Eyre Peninsula

By Hayden Ashton


We’re thrilled to present our feature on the enchanting Perlubie Beach., just a short 21 kilometres north of Streaky Bay, South Australia. This beautiful spot has captured our hearts not once, but twice, making it a cherished chapter in our family’s travel diary.


Now, we’ve been to many places as an ambassador family for Adelaide RV, and while each has its charm, Perlubie Beach stands out for its family-friendly vibes and natural beauty. It’s a place we’ve come to love, and for a good reason.



The beachfront campground is our go-to for beautiful beach camping experience. With essential amenities that hit the mark, Perlubie supports our caravan lifestyle perfectly. The unpowered sites invite us to disconnect and unwind, and the modest nightly fee is nothing compared to the wealth of peace and scenery we enjoy.


The journey from Streaky Bay to our beachfront haven is always part of the fun, setting the tone for the relaxation that awaits. Perlubie sits gracefully between Streaky Bay and Smoky Bay, offering not only a pristine beach and clear waters but also proximity to these inviting towns, each with its own local flavour.



For us, it’s the simple pleasures that make our time at Perlubie Beach so special. The recent addition of a rooftop boat has been a game-changer, filling our days with boating, fishing, and joy. Evening times are the best, preparing and savouring our fresh catch right there on the sand, with nothing but the ocean breeze and the soothing sound of waves.


Perlubie Beach has a way of captivating all who visit, with its unpretentious charm and the ease it brings to our family getaways. Every departure is bittersweet, as we leave behind a treasure trove of memories we’ve created, knowing well that we’ll return to make even more.