Sheringa Beach, Eyre Peninsula

Sheringa Beach, Eyre Peninsula

Family Getaway to Sheringa Beach

By Hayden Ashton


Sheringa Beach on the Eyre Peninsula, not too far from Elliston. We’ve had the kind of week that postcards are made of, and I’m eager to give you the lowdown on this tranquil spot.



My time at Sheringa Beach on the Eyre Peninsula with my family—Amber and our little Freya—has been nothing short of idyllic. Although the main campsite seemed rather basic at first glance, it quickly became our cosy base, perfectly suitable for Freya to explore safely. The real magic was found a bit further down the road, where the pristine beach opened up to us, complete with curious wildlife and the chance to watch dolphins play in the distance.



Our days were spent balancing relaxation with adventure. The nearby lagoon provided a calm spot for spearfishing, and I’ll always treasure Freya’s amazement at the sight of the day’s catch, a glistening whiting. The beach was easily reachable, and though our 4WD made it a breeze, the route is 2WD-friendly too. Along with that, the beach boasted invitingly warm waters and gentle waves, perfect for Amber and Freya’s comfortable wading adventures.




The isolation of Sheringa Beach was its own kind of luxury. Sharing the sunsets, which painted the sky with a spectrum of colours, with just the kangaroos, wallabies, and an occasional seal, felt like we had discovered a private sanctuary. Even without being a surfer, I found joy in surf fishing, passing on a love for the ocean to Freya.



Reflecting on our stay as we prepare to leave, I am filled with gratitude for the peace and the simple yet profound experiences Sheringa Beach has given us. For a mere $20 a night, we found a serene retreat, rich with moments of discovery and family bonding. If you’re after a tranquil beach escape that feels a world away, I can’t recommend Sheringa Beach enough.