The Evolution of Caravan Finance

The Evolution of Caravan Finance

A Chat with Industry Pioneer Marco

G’day, it’s Jeb from Adelaide RV, bringing you insights from the heart of the caravan industry. Today, I’m thrilled to share a conversation with a dear friend and a legend in caravan finance, Marco from National Leisure Finance.


Fourteen years back, Marco was the mentor who introduced me to the nuances of this vibrant industry. His gesture of kindness on my birthday left an indelible mark on my journey, proving the value of genuine relationships in our field.


Marco’s adventure began two decades ago, pioneering caravan finance at a time when the concept was nearly non-existent. Reflecting on the changes, he recalls a landscape vastly different from today’s bustling scene, marked by fewer dealers and virtually no brokers besides himself. This was a time before the growth spurts driven by the GFC and COVID-19, periods that, surprisingly, bolstered the caravan market as travellers looked inward, exploring beauties closer to home.




Delving deeper, Marco sheds light on the transformation in caravan financing. Initially, a mere 1% of caravans were financed, a stark contrast to the diverse clientele seeking financial solutions today. The shift from using superannuation for caravan purchases to a broader acceptance of finance options highlights changing consumer behaviour and the evolving market dynamics.


The conversation pivots to a crucial aspect often overlooked – the strategy behind financing a caravan. Marco emphasises the long-term cost implications of adding a caravan purchase to a home loan versus opting for a specialised caravan loan. He illustrates how a seemingly lower interest rate extended over decades can end up costing significantly more, underscoring the importance of making informed financial decisions.


As we wrap up, Marco’s advice is clear: consult with experts like those at National Leisure Finance before making a purchase. Understanding your financial options can ensure that your dream of caravan ownership is both achievable and financially sound.


In a landscape now crowded with brokers, Marco’s journey from the inception of National Leisure Finance to becoming a trusted name in the industry is a testament to the power of expertise, passion, and integrity. For those embarking on their caravan adventure, guidance from seasoned professionals like Marco is invaluable.


As we say goodbye, I’m reminded of the significance of community and support in our industry. Marco’s journey not only illuminates the evolution of caravan finance but also celebrates the personal connections that fuel our collective passion for adventure.