Dual Battery Setup

Dual Battery Setup

Powering Your Adventures: The Ultimate Dual Battery Setup


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or planning a cross-country trip, having sufficient power is crucial for running accessories and appliances off-grid. In his recent YouTube video, seasoned traveller Haydo gave us a tour of his robust dual battery system to power his adventures. Let’s break it down.


Batteries – The Foundation

Haydo worked closely with Luke from Performance Auto Electrical to select and install a custom lithium battery bank as the foundation for his auxiliary power system. With greater capacity and efficiency than standard batteries, it provides abundant stored energy to tap into as needed.


Solar – Silent Charging

Knowing sunlight would be the most consistent power source while remote camping, Haydo had a large 300W solar panel installed on his truck’s roof. Feeding into a smart controller to prevent overcharging, it can recharge his battery bank each sunny day to keep things topped up.


DC-DC Charger – Replenishing on the Drive

In addition to solar, Haydo uses a heavy-duty DC-DC charger to siphon charge from his truck alternator to the auxiliary batteries while driving. This ensures they’ll have ample reserves for overnight and cloudy periods. Sized at 30A, it’s a robust charging source for his battery bank.


Inverter – AC Power Anywhere

With fully charged batteries, the final piece allows Haydo to power anything he would at home, by inverting the DC battery power into standard AC power. His 3,000W inverter handles everything from fridges and air conditioning, a blender to make smoothies for his daughter.


In Summary

By combining ample battery capacity, solar recharging, and full AC inverter capabilities, Haydo’s auxiliary dual battery setup allows him to stay off-grid for extended periods while enjoying all the comforts and conveniences of modern life on the road.