Installing Sirocco Fans

Installing Sirocco Fans

Fan-tastic Upgrade: Installing Sirocco Fans for Supreme Caravan Comfort


With summer heating up, caravan owners are desperately seeking a cool breeze. This fan-demic had Simon ready to make a major upgrade to his Supreme Caravan. He blew into Performance Auto Electrical to get expert help installing two new Sirocco fans.

Why the need for fans? Simon had gotten a diesel heater installed last winter to stay toasty. But now with summer approaching, he wanted to really air things out. These fans would give Simon’s caravan some much needed ventilation.



Locating the Right Spots

Being an aftermarket installation, you need to find a location that has access to 12 Volt wiring. He couldn’t just mount the fans willy nilly.

After assessing the layout, he decided to place one fan on each side of the bed. This cross-ventilation would really fan the airflow around the entire living space.


Wiring it Up

To wire the fans, Luke tapped into existing 12V lighting circuits. He made sure to test them thoroughly – didn’t want Simon getting in a huff if the fans didn’t work!


360° of Cooling

One breezy feature of these Sirocco fans is the 360° rotation. The fans can pivot to point the airflow exactly where needed. Luke made sure to lock them into position so they don’t spin out of control when running.


Ahhhh Relief

With strategic installation and wiring, Simon’s Supreme Caravan now has airflow on demand. No more sweating in the hot Aussie sun. Just cool breezes and supreme comfort.