Must-Have Accessory

Must-Have Accessory

Jeb’s Must-Have Accessory for Caravanning Australia: The Curved Roof Rafter


Greetings, fellow adventurers! It’s Jeb again from Adelaide RV, bringing you another segment of Adventure Ready. Today, I want to share a brief but informative piece on one of my top caravan and camping accessories—the Curved Roof Rafters by Aussie Traveller.


I found myself at the storage yard today, perfect for demonstrating the significance of these rafters. With my caravan’s awning extended, it’s the ideal setup to show you what these curved roof rafters are all about and their role in enhancing your campsite setup.



What’s a Curved Roof Rafter?


Housed in a convenient Aussie Traveller bag, along with the anti-flap kit, these rafters are designed to uphold the awning, providing it with a robust and curved shape. Why do we need this curve, you might ask? Simple—it facilitates water runoff, preventing any accumulation on top of the awning which is essential, especially during unexpected rainfall.


Installation Ease


Installing these rafters is a breeze. The service team at Adelaide RV will attach brackets on the underside of your awning. You’ll then hook the rafters in and extend them until they’re secure. With a simple twist and lock, you’re all set. Whether you’ve got a single or double axle van, one or multiple rafters can be adjusted to fit perfectly.


Cost-Effective Durability


At approximately $100 each, fitted per rafter, it’s a small price for a significant improvement to your caravan’s awning. The curved rafters not only prevent water pooling but also help to minimise flapping, particularly when combined with an anti-flap kit.


Storage and Portability


Once you’re ready to hit the road again, the rafters fold up neatly and tuck away, avoiding the need for extra pole carriers. Their storage is as user-friendly as their installation, designed for efficiency and convenience.


Wrapping Up


Curved roof rafters are an exceptional addition to your caravan setup, ensuring you stay Adventure Ready in all weathers. Interested in enhancing your caravan with this accessory? Contact the team at Adelaide RV—these rafters are a staple in our inventory and ready to accompany you on your journeys.


Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make the most out of your caravanning experience. Until next time, stay Adventure Ready with Adelaide RV!