Caravanning with a Newborn

Caravanning with a Newborn

Caravanning with a Newborn: Adventure Ready with Jeb, Cassie, and Baby Stella

Hello, Adelaide RV community! Jeb here, welcoming you back to another episode of Adventure Ready. Today’s episode is very close to our hearts as we discuss a topic that’s quite personal, caravanning with a newborn. Joining me are two very special guests: my lovely wife Cassie and our beautiful four-month-old daughter, Stella.




Over the past month, our little family embarked on a journey that took us from Adelaide to Sydney, up to Noosa, and back, with plenty of stops in between. Travelling with a newborn brought its own set of challenges and adventures, which we were eager to tackle head-on.


Starting Young


Our journey with Stella began early, venturing out when she was just four weeks old for a Christmas trip to Renmark. This early experience was crucial—it gave us the confidence for the longer trip we just completed. Cassie, navigating new motherhood and the intricacies of caravan life simultaneously, handled everything beautifully, proving that early challenges can lead to greater ease on the road.




The Realities of Road Life with a Newborn


Travelling with Stella meant frequent stops for feeding every couple of hours and adapting to her sleep and comfort needs on the go. We learned to plan our travel times around her sleep schedule, often leaving early in the morning when she slept most soundly. These adaptations ensured Stella remained comfortable and allowed us to enjoy our travels more fully.


Community and Support


We didn’t go at it alone. Traveling with close friends who were accommodating and supportive made a huge difference. They understood our new pace and the frequent breaks needed for Stella’s care, which made the journey smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.


Cherishing the Moments


Some of the most memorable moments included Stella’s first giggle and witnessing her first tooth come in—all within the confines of our moving home. These milestones are precious and experiencing them in such an intimate setting like our caravan made them even more special.




Looking Ahead


As new parents on the road, we’ve learned many lessons, from the practicalities of what to pack to understanding how to best accommodate a small child in a caravan setting. For instance, we initially thought a bunk van wasn’t necessary but quickly realised it would make future trips much more manageable in terms of space and storage.


Advice to Other Adventurous Parents


For families contemplating similar adventures, our advice is simple: start early. The challenges are manageable, and the rewards are immense. Embrace the flexibility required to travel with a newborn and enjoy every moment—these are the times you will look back on fondly.


We hope sharing our journey encourages other parents thinking about hitting the road with their little ones. Adventure awaits, and it’s never too early to start!



For more insights on caravanning with families and infants, stay tuned to Adelaide RV’s blog. Here, we’re all about making every adventure accessible, enjoyable, and unforgettable. Remember, with Adelaide RV, you’re always adventure ready!