Essential Guide to Working While Exploring Australia

Essential Guide to Working While Exploring Australia

Everything You Need to Know About Working Whilst Travelling Australia


If someone handed me a dollar each time I encountered someone hesitant to travel across Australia due to financial concerns or employment worries, I might not need this blog; I’d likely be comfortably wealthy.

My name is Haydo, and I travel Australia full-time in my Leader Xpedition caravan with my family.

Our journey around Australia began modestly as a four-week camping holiday in a basic camper trailer and surprisingly unfolded into what has now become our fourth year of adventure.

Initially, the plan was dictated purely by our financial capacity, which we assumed only stretched to cover a month or two-long holiday.

By the fourth week, everything took an unexpected turn when my partner Amber discovered she was pregnant.

This revelation spurred me to explore how we could balance work and travel—not just during the pregnancy but beyond, into the realm of raising our first child.

The challenge lay in figuring out how to maintain our nomadic lifestyle while providing for our growing family.

How could we sustain our travels without sacrificing precious family time?

In this blog, we’ll share our strategies for finding work while traversing the vast landscapes of Australia.

We’ll provide insights into how we managed to sustain our travels through employment, along with valuable links to websites and social media groups on platforms like Facebook, where jobs are frequently posted for those travelling and working around Australia.




There Are Jobs Everywhere – Here’s My Favourite Facebook Groups For Finding Work

In the initial stages of planning our transition to life on the road, Amber and I harboured concerns about our job prospects while travelling across Australia, given our backgrounds were predominantly in corporate and office settings.

However, extensive research led us to discover various resources, including several websites and Facebook groups dedicated to employment opportunities for those like us and even grey nomads.

These platforms varied from general job postings to industry-specific opportunities.

The sheer volume of job advertisements bolstered my confidence about the availability of work during our travels. I quickly realised that in today’s job market, a positive attitude and a readiness to learn and work diligently often trump traditional qualifications and experience.

Through these groups, I’ve secured various positions, from mustering sheep on a motorcycle across a vast 35,000-acre station in central NSW, serving drinks in remote outback roadhouses, and even restocking shelves in grocery stores.


For anyone considering a similar path, these groups can be invaluable. Here are a few to check out:



Accommodation in Exchange for Work

I soon realised that many caravan parks, stations, and campgrounds offer free stays in exchange for light work. This arrangement was incredibly helpful in pricey or fully booked areas during the peak season.

Fortunately, having been a musician in my past life, I managed to secure a spot at a Broome caravan park by performing music for guests. This was a huge saving, as the site cost $100 per night during the peak season, and by playing 7-8 shows, I saved nearly $3,000 over our month-long stay.

While not everyone has musical skills, many travellers find similar opportunities by working at the park’s reception or handling maintenance tasks in exchange for free accommodation and sometimes additional payment.

This approach to travelling across Australia is undoubtedly unique and can make extended trips far more feasible financially.

When all else fails, buy a cheap guitar, memorise the words to Khe Sahn and fake it till you make it 😊



Embracing Remote Work: How Technology Has Made it Easier to Work.

One silver lining of the post-COVID-19 world is the increased flexibility to work remotely, a change that has significantly benefited those of us living the nomadic lifestyle.

I’ve encountered many individuals who have retained their conventional jobs by transitioning to remote work while exploring the country.

Although initially challenging due to inconsistent internet access, the introduction of Starlink has been a game-changer. This satellite internet service provides reliable connectivity across Australia, revolutionising how we work from the road.

You can check out my detailed review of Starlink here.

This newfound connectivity has expanded our work opportunities tremendously. We’ve secured gigs in social media management for various companies. Moreover, remote work isn’t limited to just social media; there are opportunities in fields like bookkeeping or data entry, making it feasible to maintain a steady income while fulfilling our travel dreams.



As we wrap up this exploration of the boundless opportunities that Australia offers to those daring enough to combine work with wanderlust, it’s clear that the open road is not just a path to adventure but also a gateway to new career possibilities.

The beauty of Australia’s landscapes and the feasibility of remote work make this journey not just a dream but a viable reality.

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to take on the challenge of working while caravanning through Australia, start by making some inquiries, joining relevant online communities, and seeing what opportunities unfold. The road is wide open, and so are the possibilities.

For more stories, tips, and advice on how to make the most of your travel while sustaining it through work, make sure to visit our website and follow us on our social media pages.

Your next big adventure could be just a click away—start planning today and turn the great Australian roads into both your office and your playground!