Introducing the New Drop-Down Legs

Introducing the New Drop-Down Legs

Exploring the Future of Caravan Setup: Introducing the New Drop-Down Legs from Manutec


Welcome to the latest update on the Adelaide RV Information Hub, where we dive into innovations designed to enhance your caravanning experience. Today, we’re thrilled to share a ground-breaking development in caravan setup – the new drop-down legs by Manutec, featured on our RoadKing chassis across the Supreme and Leader caravan ranges.


The traditional drop-down legs have long been a staple in the caravan industry, known for their simplicity and functionality. However, as part of our continuous commitment to innovation and improvement, Adelaide RV, in collaboration with our trusted component supplier at RoadKing, are excited to introduce a novel solution that promises to revolutionise the way you set up your caravan.



Traditional Drop-Down Legs: A Familiar Foundation


For years, caravan enthusiasts have relied on the standard drop-down legs for stabilising their homes on wheels at campsites. Manufactured by Manutec, these legs have served us well, offering straightforward deployment with a pull and tilt mechanism. Yet, despite their utility, there’s always been room for enhancement, particularly in terms of ease of use and adaptability to uneven terrains.



Traditional drop


The Challenge of Uneven Ground


One common challenge faced by caravan owners is the variability of ground levels at campsites. Traditional legs often require additional support, such as wooden blocks or chocks, to achieve a stable setup. This not only adds to the setup time but also demands extra effort and resources, detracting from the overall convenience and enjoyment of your caravan experience.


Introducing Manutec’s Innovative Solution


Manutec Drop Down Legs



In response to this challenge, Manutec has developed a new adjustable leg system, now a standard feature on all of our 2024 off-road range. This innovation was recently showcased on the brand-new Leader Expedition model, sporting the striking new titanium colour scheme. The new leg system boasts a larger, stronger shaft, allowing for greater weight support and an innovative adjustment mechanism that significantly reduces the distance to the ground.


Simplifying the Setup Process


With the new Manutec leg, the process of stabilising your caravan becomes remarkably simpler and quicker. Instead of relying on external supports, the leg effortlessly extends to meet the ground, locking into place with minimal adjustment. A few quick turns secure the caravan, providing a solid foundation in mere moments.


Flexibility and Strength


Beyond the ease of use, the new leg system offers enhanced flexibility and strength, accommodating various terrains and conditions without compromising stability. Whether you prefer to set your legs straight down or at an angle for added stability, the new design accommodates personal preferences and the unique requirements of different caravan models, including single and tandem axles.


Available Across Our Range


Recognising the benefits of this innovation, Adelaide RV is making these new adjustable legs available across our entire range of Off-Road Caravans, ensuring all our customers can enjoy the convenience and security they offer. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities this new system brings to your caravanning adventures, we encourage you to reach out to our team for more information.


At Adelaide RV, we’re committed to pioneering solutions that enhance your travel experiences. The introduction of Manutec’s new drop-down legs represents a significant step forward in our mission. We hope this insight into our latest offering inspires you to explore further and perhaps consider how these advancements can improve your own caravanning lifestyle.