Essential Tips for Storing Your Caravan: Keeping It Adventure-Ready and Thriving

Essential Tips for Storing Your Caravan: Keeping It Adventure-Ready and Thriving

Essential Tips for Storing Your Caravan: Keeping It Adventure-Ready


As much as we’d love to be on the road constantly, there comes for storing your caravans. Whether it’s for a few weeks or several months, proper storage is crucial to ensure your caravan stays in top shape for your next adventure. Here are some essential tips to keep your caravan adventure-ready during storage periods.



  1. Pack Smart at the Campsite before Storing Your Caravan


Before leaving your campsite, think about your next trip. Pack items you’ll need at home in easily accessible places. Empty your toilet cassette and flush clean water through your drains to prevent odours.


  1. Clean Thoroughly


Once home, give your caravan a good wash. This removes road grime, dust, and debris that could damage the paint over time. Consider using a truck wash if you don’t have space at home.


  1. Manage Water Systems


Drain most of the water from your tanks, leaving just a little to prevent musty smells. Clean the outside of your toilet cassette and its housing.


  1. Secure Gas and Electrical Systems


Turn off gas bottles and ensure the changeover valve is positioned correctly. Cover electrical fittings to protect them from the elements.


  1. Take Care of Tyres


To prevent flat spots, consider using tyre stands or pumping tyres to their maximum PSI. Tyre covers can also help protect from UV damage.


Tyre Stands for Storing your Caravan



  1. Lubricate Moving Parts


Use silicone spray (not WD-40) on locks, hinges, and other moving parts to prevent seizing and rust.


  1. Interior Checks


– Remove all food items, especially sweets that might attract ants.

– Clean out the fridge and leave it slightly open to prevent mould.

– Check all windows and hatches are securely closed.

– Use block out blinds to keep the interior cool, but don’t fully engage the magnets.


  1. Manage Drains and Smells


Put plugs in all drains to prevent odours from rising into the caravan.


  1. Electrical System Shutdown


Use your caravan’s ‘storage mode’ if available to prevent battery drain.


  1. Secure Everything


Lock all doors, hatches, and storage compartments before leaving.


Extra Tips:


– Consider a caravan cover or indoor storage if possible.

– Look into paint protection options for exterior maintenance.

– Most importantly, use your caravan regularly!


Remember, the best way to keep your caravan in great condition is to use it often. But when you can’t, these tips will help ensure it’s ready for your next adventure. Happy travels!