Supreme Territory X

Supreme Territory X

Unleash Adventures with the Supreme Territory X: Off-Road Caravan Packed with Standard Extras for Exploring Australia's Hidden Locations!



Embark on an off-road adventure like never before with the Supreme Territory X caravan, equipped with a vast array of standard extras for exploring Australia’s hidden gems. Purpose-built to navigate off-road terrain, the Supreme Territory X redefines exploration, allowing you to visit places previously deemed inaccessible. Elevate your caravanning experience with this specially designed caravan, ensuring you stay off the grid for longer and in utmost comfort, taking your journey to new heights.

Introducing the pinnacle of off-road luxury – the Supreme Territory X Full Off-Road Caravan! Conquer any landscape with Independent Airbag ATX Suspension, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Indulge in the queen bed, full ensuite, and a washing machine for unparalleled convenience on your adventures.


Equipped with a compressor fridge, 3 x gas/1 x electric cooktop, full oven, and a microwave, this caravan is a mobile gourmet kitchen. Stay entertained with the Fusion Stereo and internal/external speakers. Power is never a concern, thanks to 5 x 210W solar panels, 200Ah lithium batteries, 3000 Watt Invertor and the Redarc Manager 30 Redvision system.


Outdoor living is a breeze with a slide-out kitchen, electric awning, and an external TV entertainment box. The Supreme Territory X also features an extended A-frame, toolbox with generator slide, D0-35 hitch, LED light bar front and rear, and a jerry can holder. Elevate your off-road experience with the ultimate in comfort and capability – own the Territory X today!


  • Queen Bed
  • Café Seating or L-Shape Lounge*
  • Innerspring Mattress
  • Ceramic Toilet
  • Shower
  • Full Ensuite
  • Washing Machine
  • Full Oven
  • 188 Litre Dometic Compressor Fridge
  • Cooktop and Grill
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
  • External Slide Out Kitchen
  • Diesel Heater
  • CNC Ply Furniture
  • 600 Amp Lithium Batteries
  • 5 x 210 Watt Solar Panels*
  • Redarc Manager 30 Redvision
  • 3000 Watt Invertor
  • 2 x 95 Litre Fresh Water Tanks
  • 110 Litre Grey Water Tank
  • Gas/Electric HWS
  • External Shower
  • Full Off Road
  • Toolbox and Generator Slide
  • Dust Reduction System
  • External Entertainment Box
  • LED Light Bar Front and Rear
  • Electric Awning
  • Cruisemaster Airbag Suspension

*Not available in all layouts

Explore the luxury of the Supreme Territory X – where sophistication meets adventure.

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