Your Ultimate Guide to Caravan Park Success

Your Ultimate Guide to Caravan Park Success

Tips and Tricks for First-Time Caravaners: Your Ultimate Guide to Caravan Park Success


G’day, adventurers! Welcome back to another episode of ‘Adventure Ready’ here at Adelaide RV. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you some valuable tips and tricks for first-time caravaners, especially when staying at caravan parks. A big thank you to the team at Discovery Parks Barossa Valley for hosting us and allowing us to use their park for the night.




Before You Arrive


Plan Ahead and Confirm Bookings

Whenever you have a caravan park booking, it’s crucial to give the office a call a day before or the morning of your arrival. This ensures your booking is confirmed and helps avoid any last-minute surprises like double bookings. While online booking platforms are fantastic, there’s peace of mind in speaking directly with someone at the park.


Advance Planning

It’s important to plan your stops ahead, especially if you’re visiting popular destinations with multiple caravan parks. Booking in advance can save you the stress of arriving late in the afternoon and scrambling for a spot, potentially leading to a night of free camping when no spots are available.


Upon Arrival


Check-In Process

When you arrive at the caravan park, park off to one side before the boom gate to avoid blocking others. Check in at the office, get your boom gate code, and then proceed to your site. Remember, your caravan is wider than your vehicle, so be mindful of the boom gate machinery and other obstacles as you enter the park.


Scout Your Site

Before parking your caravan, walk over to your designated site and assess the layout. Check for the location of power, water, and sewer connections. Ensure there’s enough room for manoeuvring your caravan and look out for any low-hanging branches or obstacles.


Reversing Tips

Reversing a caravan can be tricky. A great tip is to put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel. If you want the back of the caravan to go left, turn your hand left, and vice versa. This simplifies the process and helps you manoeuvre accurately. Having a spotter is always beneficial to guide you safely into your spot.


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Setting Up Your Caravan


Leveling and Stabilising 

Once you’ve parked, level your caravan before lowering the stabiliser legs. Use a small level to check and adjust the caravan’s position, ensuring a comfortable living space. Secure the caravan by lowering the stabiliser legs on all four corners.


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Connecting Power and Water

Always fully unravel your power cord to avoid creating heat spots. Connect to the mains and ensure the safety switch is on. For water, use a food-grade hose to avoid any rubbery taste in your water supply. Make sure all fittings are secure and properly connected.


Final Touches 

Set up any external accessories, like your Muk Mat, to keep the inside of your caravan clean. Adjust your TV antenna based on the direction of others in the park to enhance your reception.


Caravan Park Etiquette


Be Courteous 

Introduce yourself to your neighbours and be mindful of noise levels, especially in the evening. Avoid playing loud music or movies that might disturb others, particularly families with young children.


Respect Personal Space 

Don’t walk through other people’s campsites. Always take the long way around to respect their space and privacy.


Happy Hour

Don’t miss the opportunity to socialise and make new friends during happy hour. Sharing stories and experiences with fellow caravaners can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your trip.




We hope these tips and tricks help make your first caravan park experience smooth and enjoyable. Remember to plan ahead, be courteous, and take your time setting up. The more relaxed and prepared you are, the more enjoyable your adventure will be. Until next time, happy caravanning from all of us at Adelaide RV!