Nova Caravans Custom Built

If you have ever imagined designing your very own caravan, Nova Caravans can make your dreams come true. Here at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Campbellfield, Victoria, we manufacture world-class, high-performance caravans. Simply let us know what you want in your Nova custom built caravan, and we will design and craft a caravan for you that is made to order.

Your Nova custom built caravan will be fully equipped with everything you need to spend quality time, wherever you plan to travel.

From cooking to entertainment systems to sleeping arrangements, we accommodate your preferences to suit you so you achieve a made to order caravan that is perfect for your individual requirements.

Nova Caravans are an award-winning company that specialises in creating first-class caravans in which our customers just love to spend their time. All of our parts and components manufactured by Nova come with a three-year warranty so you can be sure of quality and reliability. Get in touch with us to discuss custom caravans for sale and let us help you to achieve the perfect custom caravan for you.