Meet Adelaide RV’s New Van Ambassadors

Meet Adelaide RV’s New Van Ambassadors

Meet Adelaide RV’s New Van Ambassadors: The Worthy Wanderers


Adelaide RV is thrilled to introduce our new van ambassadors, the Worthy Wanderers—Adam and Kylie—who have recently embarked on a new adventure with their Leader Xpedition 19’6. As we continue our Adventure Ready series, we take a moment to dive into the lives of Adam and Kylie, sharing their story and insights into the caravanning lifestyle.


The Beginning of a New Journey


Adam and Kylie, the quintessential adventure-loving family, have just completed their handover at Adelaide RV and are eager to hit the road in their brand-new Leader Xpedition. Their journey into the world of caravanning is not just about travel; it’s a heartfelt choice to embrace a life full of experiences and family time.



Why Caravanning?


The decision to switch to a caravanning lifestyle came naturally to Adam, a self-proclaimed risk-taker, who felt the pressing need to break free from the monotony of a 9-5 life to spend more quality time with his family. Both Kylie and Adam, a project manager in commercial construction and a primary school teacher respectively, found their demanding jobs were taking a toll on their family time. With their kids growing up fast, the couple decided it was now or never.


Life on the Road


In 2021, with children aged five and seven, the family embarked on their first 12-month stint on the road. This period of travel wasn’t just a holiday; it was a transformative experience for the whole family. The kids thrived in the new environment, quickly adapting to and relishing the freedom and social interactions that the caravanning lifestyle offers. The couple appreciated the ease of making new friends and the strong bonds they formed with fellow travellers—relationships they cherish and maintain.



The Practicalities of Long-Term Travel


Adam and Kylie found that having a well-equipped caravan gave them the flexibility and security they needed to explore without constraints. Their Leader Xpedition, equipped with all the necessities such as solar power and sufficient water storage, allowed them to be self-sufficient, whether in a caravan park or remote locations.


Advice for Aspiring Caravanners


The Worthy Wanderers often receive questions about how to make the leap into this lifestyle. Their advice is simple: back yourself. The conventional path of working until retirement before exploring seems less appealing when considering what might be missed along the way. They encourage people to start young, suggesting that the experiences and learning gained from traveling far outweigh the comforts of a stationary life.



Educational Benefits


From an educational perspective, Kylie has seen significant growth in her children. The hands-on learning and real-world experiences have boosted their confidence and social skills, benefits that traditional schooling could never replicate. The children have learned practical life skills and developed an appreciation for nature and different cultures.


Looking Ahead


As brand ambassadors for Adelaide RV, the Worthy Wanderers are excited to share their journey and encourage others to consider whether traditional life paths are truly fulfilling. They are a testament to the enriching experiences that await those who dare to step off the beaten path and explore life on the road.


Stay tuned for more stories from the road as Adam and Kylie continue to explore Australia, making unforgettable memories and inspiring others through their adventures. Follow their journey and become part of a community that embraces freedom, adventure, and the beauty of nature.



Adelaide RV is proud to support the Worthy Wanderers as they demonstrate the joys and realities of the caravanning lifestyle. Whether you’re a family with young children, retirees, or somewhere in between, there’s no better time than now to explore what life has to offer beyond the city limits.