Exploring Tow Hitches

Exploring Tow Hitches

Exploring Tow Hitches with Adelaide RV


G’day team, and welcome back to another episode of Adventure Ready with Adelaide RV! Today, we’re diving into the world of tow couplings, exploring the differences between the DO35, the 50mm ball coupling, and the brand new DO45. Whether you’re sticking to the bitumen or venturing off the beaten path, understanding your tow hitch options is crucial.



Introducing Our Tow Hitches


In this short, sharp, and shiny video, we walk you through the key differences between these three tow hitches, helping you decide which one suits your needs best. Let’s get started!


50mm Ball Coupling


First up, we have the classic 50mm ball coupling. This is the staple hitch you’ll find on most caravans and tow vehicles. It’s simple, reliable, and perfect for standard road travel and light off-road use.


– Usage: Ideal for bitumen and light off-road.

– Articulation: Limited movement, suitable for straightforward towing.

– Installation: Comes standard on most vehicles with a tow bar.



DO35 Off-Road Coupling


Next, we introduce the DO35, the go-to for serious off-road enthusiasts. This coupling offers superior flexibility and articulation, making it perfect for tackling rough terrains.


– Usage: Perfect for off-road and challenging terrains.

– Articulation: High degree of movement, allowing for smooth transitions over uneven surfaces.

– Installation: Replaces the 50mm ball with a DO35 pin for enhanced stability.



DO45 Heavy-Duty Coupling


For those hauling heavier loads, we present the DO45. This heavy-duty hitch is designed for caravans with an ATM over 3.5 tons, offering robust performance and safety for larger setups.


– Usage: Suitable for caravans over 3.5 tons.

– Articulation: Similar high flexibility as the DO35 but built for heavier loads.

– Installation: Requires a specially rated tongue to accommodate the larger shaft.





Understanding your tow hitch options is essential for safe and enjoyable travels. Whether you stick to the classic 50mm ball, opt for the versatile DO35, or need the heavy-duty DO45, Adelaide RV has you covered.


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Stay safe and happy caravanning!