Every way you can have a CARAVAN BED

Every way you can have a CARAVAN BED

Adventure Ready with Adelaide RV: Exploring Sleeping Configurations in Caravans


G’day guys! Welcome back to another episode of Adventure Ready with Adelaide RV. Today, we’re answering your requests about the various sleeping configurations available in our range of caravans. You’ve been asking this question for a while, so let’s dive in!



East West Island Bed


We’re starting with the East West Island bed inside a 22-foot Supreme Classic Tourer. This bed runs east to west, from one wall of the caravan to the other, while still being an island bed, meaning you can walk around it. This setup provides ample wardrobe and cupboard space at the front of the caravan. However, this configuration requires a larger caravan due to the additional space needed.



East West Bed (Non-Island)


Next, we have another East West bed in a 19-foot 6 family van. This bed runs from wall to wall, saving space in the centre and back of the van. The main downside is that one person will need to climb over the other to get out of bed. Despite this, it offers more storage underneath, accessible from the outside, making it a practical choice for space optimisation and it is a larger bed than a normal Queen.



Caravan Queen Bed (North South)


This conventional layout features a queen bed running north south with wardrobes on either side and overhead cupboard. In smaller caravans, we use a “caravan queen” with chopped-off corners to make it easier to walk around. This layout also includes a bolster to extend the mattress length when needed, providing flexibility for taller individuals.



Full Size Queen Bed


In larger caravans (20 feet and up), we offer a full-size queen bed, also running north south. This bed allows for ample space around it, making it easy to move around and providing additional storage underneath. This layout is ideal for those who need more room and prefer a conventional sleeping arrangement.



Single Bed Vans


Finally, we explore the single bed configuration, making a comeback in recent years. This layout features two single beds with a central aisle, providing a spacious feel and additional storage between the beds. The single beds are tucked against the outer walls, allowing for external storage access. This setup is perfect for those who value personal space and extra storage.





I hope this blog helps you understand the various sleeping configurations available in our range of caravans at Adelaide RV. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Adelaide RV. Happy caravanning!